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Dead Prez New Single PolitriKKKs Off Their New Album Information Age ! 

Dead Prez Ft. Malcolm X - PolitriKKKs

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Immortal Technique Raises Money for Afghan Children !! 

On Thursday, November 20, Immortal Technique will perform live on stage at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge, returning to the Bay to raise funds in support of a badly needed orphanage and medical center in war torn Afghanistan.

Working closely with human rights advocacy organization, Omeid International, Technique’s performance raises funds earmarked for developing the Amin institute in Kabul - where some of the two million orphaned and 60,000 homeless children of Afghanistan will receive full-scale rehabilitation from the devastating effects of war.

Besides just doing the benefit show the hip hop artist Immortal Technique is pledging $10,000 of his own money and is traveling to the war torn heartland of Afghanistan to assure the final stages of construction are completed.

Known far beyond the hip hop community for his fiery assaults on corruption, racism, classism and oppression, Immortal Technique has also garnered a reputation for backing his politics with action, historical context and personal responsibility. The Institute, which is set to begin operating in March 2009, will provide safe housing, education, medical and psychological care and some sense of hope to twenty of these displaced children.

“My people this was not brought to you by some corporate sponsor, nor was it manufactured by some organization that takes 60% of the $ donated for “administrative” purposes. I am not a millionaire. I am not a movie star or a charity organization. I am just a man that heard the call and responded,” said Immortal Technique.

Wars and other conflicts, regardless of their political meaning or benefit always leave in their wake a devastating trail of destitution and hopelessness, especially for children. These young survivors have no politics. They have neither desire for property, prestige or domination over others; rather simply they struggle only to see another day.

These orphaned souls face the dangers of hunger and disease along with the constant threats endemic to failed states in the third world, including extremists, human and opium traffickers and other such predators who take advantage of these helpless children.

The Institute will be a beacon of goodwill in a place that has seen so much negativity and pain, giving many a chance at a real future that otherwise would be incredibly bleak. Real lives will be changed as they are shown what the determination and willingness of compassion can accomplish.

If you are in or will be in San Francisco, California on Nov. 20th please check out and support this cause. If you are not able to attend contact Immortal Technique on his myspace page http://www.myspace.com/ImmortalTechnique to see other ways to donate to this important cause.

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Ghostface Killah - We Celebrate 

Ghostface Killah hits the streets with the first video 'We Celebrate' from his latest release 'Big Doe Rehab'.

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ONYX Black Rock 

After 5 long years of waiting onyx are finally dropping there 6th studio album Black Rock in early 09, they did release cold case files earlier this year which was a collection of lost and rare cuts from back in the 90s (its classic by the way) which serves as a perfect warm up for the album. Sticky Fingaz promised to go back to the raw sound which made them so popular in the early 90s, but black rock will be onyxs most experimental album as it will fuse hardcore hip hop with rock but dont sleep on it people onyx can pull off this sound as they have done records such as judgement night with bio hazzard which still manage to keep the trade mark onyx grittyness.

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Obama victory sparks cheers around the globe !!! 

PARIS – Barack Obama's election as America's first black president unleashed a renewed love for the United States after years of dwindling goodwill, and many said Wednesday that U.S. voters had blazed a trail that minorities elsewhere could follow.

People across Africa stayed up all night or woke before dawn to watch U.S. history being made, while the president of Kenya — where Obama's father was born — declared a public holiday.

In Indonesia, where Obama lived as child, hundreds of students at his former elementary school erupted in cheers when he was declared winner and poured into the courtyard where they hugged each other, danced in the rain and chanted "Obama! Obama!"

"Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place," South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, said in a letter of congratulations to Obama.

Many expressed amazement and satisfaction that the United States could overcome centuries of racial strife and elect an African-American as president.

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Soul Assassins Online !! 


For those who are fans of The Soul Assassins or just simply DJ Muggs, good news, they will be starting a digital music store soon. It will be featuring unreleased material from over the years and starts off with the DJ Muggs track "Call It How I See It", featuring Chace Infinite (of Self Scientific) and Krondon (of Strong Arm Steady). This track was recorded back in 2000 and will only be sold through the website. It will be going on sale according to the website at 12:01 am PST (Pacific Standard Time), Saturday October 18th. If you're from the Northeast or Midwest, the times are as follows: 3:01 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) /2:01 am EST (Eastern Standard Time).
Here is the link to the Soul Assassins' site SoulAssassins.com

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Pace Won & Mr. Green “Children Sing” Video 

From recent release "The Only Color That Matters is Green.”

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EPMD Back In Business (Again) !! 

EPMD (Erick Sermon & Parrish Smith) will be releasing a new album sometime in December (some are saying December 9th) titled We Mean Business. Not only is this a breath of fresh air for EPMD fans, but featured emcees on the album will be KRS-One, Redman, Keith Murray, Havoc, Raekwon. On the boards will be Teddy Riley & 9th Wonder (I hope Erick produces for this album as well).

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