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Posted by: cristyloe

Real HIP HOP Forever
General Hip Hop Discussion
Discuss anything hip hop in here...
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Thread: Buy New Numark NV II $505, P...
Posted by: djskibi
Artists Introduction
"Post your favorite artists in here with a track for us to hear" A place to introduce new and old artists, (please read the rules)
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Thread: Peculiar versions of the Roc...
Posted by: rdr909
Rate & Review Music
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Thread: Finally New AtomicBeats - Be...
Posted by: AtomicBeats
Hip Hop History/Knowledge
"Hip Hop history, knowledge, education, culture and documentaries pertaining to hip hop"
Forum moderator: ThaScience, Aristotle, El_Matador
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Thread: mixtape cover king
Posted by: mixtapecoverking
Elements (DJ,Graff Art, BBoy,Bbox)
"Graffiti Art, Breakdancing, Djay/Turntablism , Beatbox Threads, tournaments etc in here"
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Thread: For Sale 2 Pioneer CDJ-900 t...
Posted by: djskibi
Hip Hop News
"to talk about latest headlines"
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Thread: Wigs flying offin rap batte
Posted by: DeathChamberzMusic

RHHF Artists/Battlers
The Cypher
cipher related material goes here.
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Thread: The Cypher
Posted by: Greeny
Current Battles
exhibition and tag team battles go here. Also request battles here.
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Thread: guitar battle
Posted by: djskibi
Battle Archive
all finished battles go here. also, the battle hall of fame goes here.
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Thread: -Battle Records-
Posted by: Greeny
RHHF Artist's Music
This is where you go to hear an artist from RHHF, or post your own music.
Forum moderator: El_Matador, s0dr2
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Thread: I Just Wanna Fly (w/Hook)
Posted by: AtomicBeats
RHHF Artists (BBoys, Graff Art)
For RHHF artists that are breakdancers/graff/dejays's/beatboxers and other talents in rhhf.
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Thread: New Beat - Collab with Team ...
Posted by: AtomicBeats

Regular Off-Topic
Got something to say? Or want to have some fun? Go Here.
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Thread: Celeb Look-alike
Posted by: Greeny
General Music
Not in the mood to discuss or listen to Hip Hop? Well bring whatever genre of music into this forum. Rock, funk, soul, reggae, salsa, jazz, r&b etc. Que Viva La Música!
Forum moderator: s0dr2
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Thread: 50 Cent Discusses Todays Hip...
Posted by: djskibi
Sports & Entertainment
For sports, movies, tv, software, video games (or similar)
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Thread: Buff Bagwell goes from wrest...
Posted by: Devostator
Polls, Games, & Surveys
Want to play a forum game? Survey everyone to see what they think? Get a poll so you can get a legit answer to a question? Do it here.
Forum moderator: El_Matador, Aristotle, s0dr2
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Thread: Artist Pictionary
Posted by: Greeny
Discuss ways to improve the site here.
Forum moderator: El_Matador, ThaScience
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Thread: RHHF T-Shirt Presale!
Posted by: EmSeeD
Creative Writing
Come here to express ur thoughts in a short story, chapter based story, or even a poem....
Forum moderator: I_Guy, eboyd, El_Matador
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Thread: Poems everybody ! Poems !
Posted by: KingGoo
Rant Forum
Here you can diss an artist, politician, religious belief,trash talk,corporate or anything we want taken off the main board.Don't want to read trash?"don't enter"or enter at your own accord.
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Thread: i know yall been waiting for...
Posted by: Adam

connect with others that share your views/want to understand them. DON'T debate such views. comments/threads invoking debate will be moved/deleted. if deleted you will also be reprimanded.
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Thread: Hug An Atheist
Posted by: Adam
Religious/Philosophical Debate
If you so choose, debate religion and philosophy here.
Forum moderator: TheWatcher, Menace, I_Guy, Aristotle
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Thread: determinism is an illusion
Posted by: J-Breakz
Share your views on philosophy and science.
Forum moderator: I_Guy, s0dr2, El_Matador
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Thread: Attention
Posted by: Hoffen
Discuss politics and economic issues.
Forum moderator: El_Matador, ThaScience, s0dr2
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Posted by: ilikebacon3000
Discuss history and culture.
Forum moderator: Menace, Aristotle, El_Matador
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Thread: Anti-Racist is a codeword fo...
Posted by: Adam
General/Misc. News
Any other curious thoughts or miscellaneous knowledge including news or current events.
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Thread: Drug Lord Thanks Obama, Bush...
Posted by: KingGoo

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