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I want to battle
J-Breakz Date: Thursday, 03/Oct/13, 2:56 PM | Message # 1

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Rapping and turntablism.

I don't have the right needles, that's what's been fucking me up. Love my technics 1200s, much respect to my father for giving them to me. Erik was right for calling me out when I was going to work with his producer, and I knew I was better then what I was being. I was gonna be lame and just edit my scratches. I would tape nickels to my needles and they would still skip like a motherfucker, never got it till now. DUH damn

As far as rapping, I sounded gay as fuck, hated myself for it, still was putting it out so it scarred me like my white fag mark on my nose that's fading. (I love Locomotive by Nas, that song put me down so hard and I love that artist for it. I listened to that album so much, I'm tired of it...) Also, I was being gay, I felt wrong for praising Nas because I never really fully listen to his works until I joined this site. Listen to It Was Written and tell me you don't understand Nas' perspective. He's freedom. Gza - Liquid Swords is communism. Tupac -> I said it like it was... I didn't think he was the greatest rapper but I understood he did his job. He's a revolutionary, probably the greatest rapper.. love his shit now.

Eboyd is god at rapping, can't wait to battle him. I beat him in the political debate, he dissed me acting like he didn't like my beats and was going to work with me. I'm putting a loss on his record. I wanna battle el matador again. Dissed him.. think he sounded wack like me. Still can't believe you worked with those cats from new york. Thank you for praising me for my work and making me a professional musician. I was one before that but, yeah, it wasn't hip hop. It was for some alternative house remix that was never released I made back when I was 15 with a band based in France. Can't wait to battle you first. I'm working for the Eboyd battle.

No one is going to take this post as serious as I'm taking this as I am. If I don't get replies then I'm bugging all of yall. Much love and respect. I want to battle El Matador again, calling Erik out.

livin life like some cheesy movie
eboyd Date: Friday, 04/Oct/13, 2:01 AM | Message # 2

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my new theme song


"True poetry can communicate before it is understood"

-T.S. Eliot

battle record:


Greeny Date: Monday, 07/Oct/13, 2:07 PM | Message # 3

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Shit is going down :0

Adam Date: Sunday, 13/Oct/13, 4:21 PM | Message # 4

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I AM THE ONLY producer related to this site that matters. Soon I will be the only rapper that matters as well. Show some respect, children.

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