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Forum » Welcome New Members » Introduction » Hello, from Texas
Hello, from Texas
Convalesce Date: Wednesday, 08/Feb/12, 4:04 AM | Message # 1

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I made a thread about a day or two before I saw there actually WAS an introduction forum. Fml.

Name is Robert, I go my Convalesce to some friends and most people online. Why'd I choose Convalesce? Sounds fucking cool, and the meaning is something special to me and what I do.

Anyway, I'm a writer. Not much of an emcee quite yet. I'm getting down breathing techniques, how to not sound so nasally (that is probably just because of allergies) learning how to mix, and more.

I'd like to think I'm a pretty good writer, but that's for you to decide. I like to join sites and post up my writing (usually before people get to know me too well) so I can get cold, hard, truth about my pieces.

http://realhiphop4ever.ucoz.com/forum/29-5841-1 <--- Check it out. IT's my new piece I finished writing a few days ago. Still have yet to write a chorus / hook (I'm fucking terrible at it.) but once I can successfully make one, it'l be all finished.

I have tried recording, butm don't like the way my voice sounds. I'm trying to not be afraid of my voice and embrace it - as it will help me in the future with my recording.

Anyway, I fucking ramble, that's me. I know this is your home, but welcome to my hell ;)

"Going back and forth between the cigarette and her clitoris, working on both like it's no body's business."

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EmSeeD Date: Thursday, 09/Feb/12, 4:38 AM | Message # 2

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welcome homie, good to have you here

i'm trying to get the hang of writing choruses too

Treach Date: Thursday, 09/Feb/12, 7:05 AM | Message # 3

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whats up man, welcome. forum's been quiet so anybody rambling is welcome here lol
anyway 'Vice Grip' is nice as hell and im curious as to how it will sound

"We took pride in intellect and skill
Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"
Greeny Date: Thursday, 09/Feb/12, 11:26 AM | Message # 4

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Yeah, it's dope, you should rap it.

prozac26 Date: Monday, 09/Dec/13, 10:14 PM | Message # 5

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Sup playa

Nalin' Palin

Forum » Welcome New Members » Introduction » Hello, from Texas
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