IAME - "Carlin List" (feat. Solillaquists of Sound) Download 


One year ago today, IAME (Sandpeople/Oldominion) released his 4th solo album, Lame - a title inspired by a common misprint of his name and his general sentiment towards popular culture. Although the Portland emcee has been busy this year releasing 2 new albums (The Deaf Kid Mixtape, Lame$tream), touring, and running his own Heaven Noise Recordings label, he wanted to celebrate Lame today by giving away one last song from the album. "Carlin List" features Solillaquists of Sound and was produced by Smoke M2D6 (Oldominion). For those of you unfamiliar with Solillaquists of Sound, they are an Orlando based hip hop group who make incredible music and have recently released a brand new album titled The 4th Wall (Part 1). Check them out at http://www.solilla.com.

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