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Forum » Real HIP HOP Forever » Rate & Review Music » Dagha - The Divorce (2008) (first thoughts) ((thanks to Greeny for putting me on with this artist))
Dagha - The Divorce (2008) (first thoughts)
Ratmn Date: Thursday, 22/Dec/11, 3:29 AM | Message # 1

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I like where this is going, so I'm going to kill the reviewing game on RHHF! Tell me an artist and BANG! I'll do it.

So, Dahga. He's from the east. And that's all I know. I guess i'll start right on to it.

First song, "The Setting". Well, that's exactly what it is. Tells you right from the start, this is going to be a CD about his story. His REALLY REALLY REALLY bad luck, and much more. Not much to say about it, It works as a way to start the whole thing, and nothing else. Huh, like every single intro out there.

SECOND SONG! "Devil's Work". Now, straight forward, if you don't like a chopped beat, or a love story, you won't like this. AT ALL. Particulary, I don't really trip on neither of those things, so, I'm okey. It starts as how it begins his relationship, how the girl was really tripping, but he still married her, then how she changed, starts talking about her daughter, how he works like a fucking slave, how she start bitching about some phone numbers, and how she tried kick him out, and he didn't fell for it, and they they start fighting and shit, how they don't speak, and they don't even sleep together and the only thing they do is argue, how they start counseling, she starts following him, bitching that he works to much, how she close the bank account and she makes a separate one, how the shit goes down, AND HOW SHE CHANGES THE LOCKS....

Hell of a story, ain't it? Overall, I like A LOT this track. The dude can tell a story like it is.

THIRD SONG, "Changed Locks" Picks up when the last song ended, and how the whole thing went down, what are his emotions at the time, what he tried to do, how she reinforced everything, and how he can't get in, and how he gets in, and how some more shit goes down. Beat wise, same as the one above, if you don't like em chopped, you won't like it. Like the song above, great fucking track, I mean i pictured the whole thing on my mind. Also, the samples helped even more.

FOURTH SONG, "My Luck" It starts after the aftermath of the whole shit that went on in song 3. It also says how shitty his luck has been, workwise, and relationship-wise. Pretty much, he goes in how his luck in general has been pretty shit, and he had to struggle, and how his life went to the shithole. Beatwise, it's okey. It uses a sample from the 50s, that gives it that warm that it needs. Plus, it makes it real funny.

Fifth song, "Cliche" Althought this song is pretty good, it doesn't really goes with the story. I guess that is a continuation of how in My Luck he talks about how fucked up his luck has been in the music aspect, and how everybody just put him down. Or maybe as he just depressed about it. Maybe both. Otherwise, pretty good song. Like the beat A LOT. But, like I said before, it doesn't tell a story, but, it still kinda keeps on the context. Strangely enough, it was one of my favorites. Maybe is the beat, and the scratches at the end.

Sixth song, "Playhouse" Now, this starts where song four ends. He tells the story in how he wants to sell his house and tell how he says FUCK IT! and starts selling furniture, making calls, doing some stuff in the landscape, how he finds some help, and how he almost gets kicked the fuck out. In a nutshell, how everything goes to the shithole....again. Holy hell, this dude is unlucky. Beatwise, is chopped. Same shit as i told yall before. I like it, you probably won't.

Seventh song, "Monogamy", NICE BEAT SON! Now, lets get on to it. It's a vocal sample to a beat, and it brings the mood up to track 8...

..."A Men's Question" Pretty much says to his wife to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. And why she doesn't do that. In a nutshell, he tries to fix his relationship. He also ask himself why is this happening to him, what's the propuse of LOTS OF SHIT. Pretty much he asks his wife on why she's such a BITCH! The beat is smooth, helps to the mood. Something I disliked though was that little voice on the questions. It was kinda annoying. Besides that, It really helps to fill some plotholes.

NUMBA 9, "She Left" The beat and the title give it away, pretty much. His wife left him alone. And that's all you really need to know. Hence is why is an instrumental track, to give it an ambient feel. Because when somebody you love just leaves you, you really don't have words to say.

10: "Whatever It May Be" This track..is really positive. It's about how he, even though he's broke, wifeless, and only with his daughter, he's still trying to live. Personally, it hitted me, cause you know, I'm like that. The only think I disliked was how the feature KINDA missed the point. But, whatever, most features on record like this do that.

11. "Try" Starts acapella, giving a small review on what's he's going thru, and how he stays focused on his job, but he wants to quit. A story on how his work is, well, SHIT, but there's some nice people in it. He also goes in about every single person he works with. Then he quits. I love this track.

12. "What I'mma Do?" Pretty much says what in the fuck has happened after EVERYTHING, and what he's going to do about it. Can't find a better way to put it short. Oh, and the feature actually get it right. Now, that's something new. I liked the beat. It's smooth but strong.

13. "Scat" Says what he's doing as right now, after his song is blazing on the radio, and he's on tour. BUT, I have the same issue I had with Cliche. Doesn't really FIT that well on the big scheme of the record. Still, soild track. Also, i loved the beat.

14. "Ashy Knees Outro" He thanks you for listening, and also give some nice words of advice. To be honest, the best outro track I ever heard on my life. It closes a great album.

Overall, this album IS THE SHIT. I mean, there isn't a single track I dislike. Don't download this album, BUY THIS SHIT. I know I'm doing it.

For now, I'm waiting for a new album by one of my new favorite MC's...

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Greeny Date: Thursday, 22/Dec/11, 4:21 AM | Message # 2

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YEEEEEEEEEAAAH! It's Dagha man! This a classic!
I like a fucked chopped beat if it's done right. Think Insight produced lotta this album?
I like Cliche a lot too, even though it's mainly just rambling of cliche sayings. Thought it was about his wife at first, but idk... "She say cliche like instant replay". The album has this crazy imagery (best story teller since Slick Rick?), and what I pictured was his bitching wife ranting to him from over a magazine saying the stupid shit women are fed in those things... But I guess it was a rap thing.

You skipped the Ali G clip? Loved that shit lol. "I could do a lot betta than you so sha'up" lol

I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into this album, but it seems like it's a healing process... It goes from homicidal rage to a depressed state to some bitter shit to some comedic stuff to peace of mind... In any case, it seems incredibly well thought through to me. I mean, it could be given to a gymnasium (that's a kind of school btw) class as an assignment for story analyzing ...

Oh, and Try was probably my favourite track. Funky shit, flow's incredible, and I felt that I really could relate to it.

What I'mma Do?... Tell bill collectors they can suck my dick!

Outro was killer too. Perfect closure.


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Ratmn Date: Thursday, 22/Dec/11, 2:20 PM | Message # 3

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I can say, without stuttering that this album became one of my favorites of all times. Without a doubt.

I thank you a lot, Greeny, for putting me on with this dude.

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Treach Date: Thursday, 22/Dec/11, 3:57 PM | Message # 4

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link me this shit

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Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"
Forum » Real HIP HOP Forever » Rate & Review Music » Dagha - The Divorce (2008) (first thoughts) ((thanks to Greeny for putting me on with this artist))
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