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Poems everybody ! Poems !
Acekat00o Date: Saturday, 05/Jan/13, 8:03 AM | Message # 1

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Poetry should be part of every ones lives, here's my contribution :D

Blank paper hanging on walls
Blank paper that falls
laying on the floor,
staying away from the door.

Rules, pencils and pens alike
but no eraser, no I don’t fight
the ideas that come into mind
I keep everything I find...

Left alone, countless dark nights
I pass through the rites
of the line, trying to take flight

through the sketched out clouds
touching bricks, glass and wood
the elements of life,
in search of fuel, to ignite the light,
shed it on the wall that
reveals the roof,
in hopes that this...
...this building in my heart
houses the truth.

KingGoo Date: Sunday, 06/Jan/13, 6:15 AM | Message # 2

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wrote this poem for the end of an EP i'm finishing up

"Join me in that memory of our sweet youth
Where we had danced and played like giddy children of the sun
We now stand solemn before our world
Fearful of the fury
Fearful of the dark, and all it brings
We take shelter in the crevices of life where love lingers
Itching to just get a feel for it with our fingers
But it slips
It twists and turns
Until you are grasping the edge lest you plummet to the abyss
But that great expanse only seems dark from far away
And as you near it in your flight you see great emerald castles
Amidst vast oceans of light
And you exclaim as your breath is taken away by the glory of life"

Rep the bay

Forum » Off-Topic » Creative Writing » Poems everybody ! Poems !
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