Cypress Hill Set To Release First Album In 5 Years !! 


Legendary Hip Hop group Cypress Hills is gearing up for the debut of their first album in five years.

The group members, who have been mostly working on their own projects since 2004's "Til Death Do Us Part," will be releasing the as yet to be titled album through Suburban Noize records.

"We're mixing right now," B-Real tells Billboard Magazine.

" It's aggressive. It's like hip-hop straight-up. We just felt like we needed to go back to that raw, gritty hip-hop sound but try to find a way to bridge it with what's going on now."

Everlast, Evidence and The Alchemist will be helping out the group this time around, however, fans of the group shouldn't expect any more guest appearances.

"We don't really do a lot of collaborations in Cypress. We keep it in house."

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