Bob42jh and TheWordisBond Charity Album for the Tsunami-Earthquake in Japan ft Thomas Prime, Kondor,Soul Chef and more! Coming Soon 

Bob42jh and TheWordisBond are doing a charity Hip-Hop compilation to help the people in Japan who are suffering from the recent earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. This is going to be an amazing compilation for a very good cause. All money will be donated to Save the Children and The Red Cross.

If you like Nujabes, Kondor, Blazo, Nitsua, Michita, Shing02, Ruto, Uyama Hiroto, Marcus D, Cise Star, KnowMads, and friends, you will love this compilation of real Hip-Hop.

This album features Thomas Prime, Vitium, Kondor, Avens, Kyo Itachi, Soul Chef, Niha, and many more! All the music is unreleased, so you can't get it anywhere else!

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