Help SAVE STYLE WARS! New York's legendary kings of graffiti 

If you haven't seen the best documentary of all times Style Wars, its time, one of my fav parts Rock Steady Crew,the Dynamic Rockers Battle. New York kids reacted to the urban decay, poverty around them wth a burst of creative self expression, aggressiveness and frustration transformed into powerfull battles on creativity, techniques and an opportunity of being themselves through the elements of hip hop. New York's legendary kings of graffiti and b-boys own a special place in the hip Hop pantheon. STYLE WARS has become an emblem of the original, embracing spirit of hip hop as it reached out across the world from underground tunnels, uptown streets, clubs and playgrounds.

Help SAVE STYLE WARS! Public Art Films is embarking on a project to restore Style Wars. The original negative was damaged during the many years it was in storage. Fortunately, it will be possible to repair it using digital technology---painstakingly working on each damaged frame. The restored film will have unprecedented sharpness and clarity and the vibrant colors of the painted trains will be revealed in their original intensity. They will be transferring the original 16 mm negative into full HD 1080p while cleaning and restoring the film during the process. The HD master will be better, sharper and more brilliant than the original. Style Wars was originally produced with public funding and we ask the public again to help save Style Wars! (Donations)


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