Hope For Tomorrow - Japan Fundraising Album ft. Kondor, Blazo, K-Murdock, Thomas Prime and more 

"Hope For Tomorrow” the Word is Bond is reaching out to YOU to support thier efforts in providing help for those struggling in the aftermath. Kevin Nottingham have come on board to assist in the release of a charity album. They are grateful to be in a position to use the talents of some of the undergrounds most respected hip-hop artists. It is their hope that this project will continue to garner attention for the people of Japan and raise some much needed funds.

100% of the money will be given away and shared between the charities Save The Children and GlobalGiving. The best news is that the album is available for only 6 dollars so it's hard to say no. Artists to feature include Substantial, Dela, Soulchef, Thomas Prime, Marcus D & K-Murdock aswell as some big names from Japan. The global theme of the project is expressed through participation of artists from France, UK, Japan whilst other artists hail from Australia, Germany, USA and the rest of the world!

Alongside the music is a chance to enter a competition for prizes, with the larger the donations the bigger the chance of winning a coveted prize. 20 Dollars or more will see you entered into our top tier of prizes, 10 Dollars will give you a chance for our second tier, but better still there is a guaranteed chance of a prize so long as you can donate in some form.

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