Lucid Music - Brining It Back off The Oracles Of Truth & Adventures Of The Invisible Band 

RHHF:The Oracles Of Truth Mixtape ft. Lucid Music, K-Rino, Sadat X, Percee P, Large Pro, Beretta 9, Satchel Page, Angent X, Em-See'D, El Matador,Prosthetik Intelligentz and much more, download on the RHHF Bandcamp

This track is also available on Lucid Music's "Adventures Of The Invisible Band" Please check it out on their bandcamp and support real hip hop, because their bringing it back~

The "Lucid Music" sound is inspired by the true hip hop they grew up on. "Lucid Music" are a trio, 2 Mc's and a DJ from Pittsburgh, PA. Their lyrics are positive and profanity free, allowing the group to perform for audiences of all ages. Jazz, rock and funk samples are used to create what can only be described as " that old boom bap": uptempo drums, thick basslines, melodic horns, piano and authentic feel that we all miss in hip hop. Turntablism plays an important part of not only their sound but live shows as well. Please support and check out their contacts.
Be on the look out for Lucid Music's new album " Rockit Science " droppin soon and a powerful Collab with super producer "Nomak" on his upcoming album also in the works.

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