Sean-Toure' "A Day In The Life" feat. Kev Brown and Ab Rock 

Since his days freestyling and break dancing for money on the streets of Baltimore, Sean-Toure' Thames has taken his music career to the next level. Taking advantage of his growing up during the Golden era of Hip-Hop, Sean has incorporated the classic boom bap sounds of Hip Hop music into his creative and diverse sound.

Sean has quickly developed a reputation as one of Baltimore's and underground Hip Hop's best performers/producer/emcees. His success as a test bin Winner on the Morgan St. Strictly Hip-Hop Radio Show, and his energetic live performances has gained much respect and notoriety as one of the DMV’s best artist and an award recognizing him as The Baltimore Scene’s 2010-2011 Music Producer of the Year.

Since his first stage performance in 1991, Sean has shared the stage opening shows for some of Hip Hop’s greatest recording artist of all time such as, Little Brother, KRS One, Chip-Fu, Nas, Wayna, Mos Def, The Fugees, INI, Pete Rock, GangStarr, A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Bilal, and many others. In 2005 Sean won a Remix contest for his remix version of John Mayer's Grammy Award winning song “Daughters.”

In March 2010, with his independent multimedia company Sean Toure' Music Group and Rosachi Music Group, Sean released a free downloadable remix album called The Sean-Toure' Remix Project featuring remixes he's done for artists such as Michael Jackson, Common, 50 Cent, The Roots, and many others.

Sean’s solo-debut Soundchanneler, The Invisible Man will be released in October 2011. The self-produced album features some of the best underground Hip Hop artists on the scene today. The album features songs with world-renowned emcee/producer Kev Brown, YU of Diamond District, J. Sands of Lone Catalyst, Wordsmith, Soulstice and Haysoos of Wade Waters, Substantial, and many others. Tune in world---The Soundchanneler is here!!/SeanToure

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