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EmSeeD Date: Monday, 27/Jan/14, 6:22 AM | Message # 16

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hey mark, did u ever feel the tachycardia side effect of minoxidil? cause i use it almost everyday and i dont really notice any side effects... i dont think it's good to use it sparingly too cause you know, the hair you grow will be lost with discontinuation but what you're doing is not a discontinuation YO its just a chill out disconninuation you know like a wait i wont discontinue chill bro i'll just not continue using it on a regular basis ain't no disses or misses maybe like ONE miss per day make that once per 2 days so it's still continuing but at a slower rate 14 chocolate YA LA7WEEEEEEEEEEEE

Yeah thats exactly how I would put it. I definitely noticed it. I didn't even know that was a side affect until I noticed my heart rate was up for some reason. But it might just be because I used too much of it. See I was using the foam instead of the other liquid one but was probably using too much foam lol. My heart rate was up for a few days and I didn't know what it was until I thought maybe it was the minoxidil then I looked it up

s0dr2 Date: Monday, 27/Jan/14, 9:54 AM | Message # 17

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well im not too shadded cause i know what my body's doing... minoxidil has vasodilatory properties and once your blood vessels dilate it's like yo: your blood pressure decreases and your body is dazzed and confused like, ok why is there low blood pressure, i'll just call up my homeboy baroreceptor and he'll fix the problem so now you got your baroreceptors doing the reflex tachycardia and stimulating your heart rate and a change is gonna come - sam cooke (1963)

i really should try the foam though, cause my hair is quite long and i feel the liquid doesn't really reach my scalp. but then again when i use the liquid i have a hard time styling my hair cause there's literally nothing to do. if i comb it on one side, the origin of the combing will just be a big patch! so im kinda worried about the foam too cause apparently you gotta use it in the morning and evening, and just HOW am i supposed to go to school with foamed up hair and looking like a mess i'd rather drive to lake ontario to contemplate just sitting on the dock of the bay - otitis media (1996)

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Forum » Off-Topic » Regular Off-Topic » post-anorexia/hairloss (help)
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