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The Roots - Undun
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EmSeeD Date: Thursday, 12/Jan/12, 9:36 PM | Message # 1

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This was one of the only albums i bought from this year, The album was made quite short, apparently thats because its intended to be played as one whole track, back to back. Its a concept album telling the journey of one man, who i guess lives in poverty or the ghetto and has to choose what path he's gonna take in life, to live a normal life or the life of a criminal, the story starts off backwards from his death to his birth.

Production was kinda soft and very haunting, sometimes i do wish there was a banger on there, Stomp might be the closest to that, but the production really went well with the concept and story and i like that its different from the usual hip hop beatl
Lyrically I think all the guest appearances out shone black thought imo, I've never heard of Truck North before but I really liked the first person style of his verse on Kool On, Greg Porn has a really sick rapping voice, its quite different, he has a cool drawl to his voice. Making the songs and album so short actually worked because every time i listen to this I do have to listen to all of them back to back so that concept was definitely a success.

Production: 89
Lyrics: 89
Concept: 90

Overall i'd give it a 90

My favourite songs: Make My, Stomp, The Other Side, Sleep, I Remember, Kool On, One Time,

Uncharted Date: Friday, 13/Jan/12, 11:05 AM | Message # 2

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Quote (EmSeeD)
Make My, Stomp, The Other Side

Quote (EmSeeD)
Kool On

^^fav songs

9/10 love this album

Treach Date: Friday, 13/Jan/12, 12:27 PM | Message # 3

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i'll have to get my headphones on and listen to this again cus the first time i heard it i was real disappointed, as of now im considering the album overrated, yeah i said it, lol.

"We took pride in intellect and skill
Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"
EmSeeD Date: Thursday, 12/Apr/12, 4:56 AM | Message # 4

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I played this album from the last track to the first track, it makes a hell of a lot more sense that way, the whole story reveals itself and suddenly makes sense lol I have a whole new appreciation for this album now, I mean I thought it was dope before but now I love it even more, I can see why HipHopDX gave this the perfect rating, you def gotta play it from last track to first if you haven't already

Forum » Real HIP HOP Forever » Rate & Review Music » The Roots - Undun
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