The Last Days of Kartika: Episode One (Dusky Diana) 

The Last Days of Kartika is an online graphic musical that uses Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop music to tell the story of the citizens of Kartika during their most troublesome times. Dusky Diana is the would-be hero recruited by underground rebel group Community Education in their fight to ruin the sinister Phercy Corporations. Will Community Edu save their city or be the cause of its destruction?

The Project: A season will culminate into a 45minute to one hour multi-media concert with new musical works by the Hip Hop collective Community Education.The project brings the motion comic to life, merging its digital avatar with a real time theatrical production. Kartika is a story told in multiple mediums yet still centers itself in musical composition. Its basic ingredients are that of traditional musical theater, however, its presentation incorporates new media.

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