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What Inspires Pete Rock? 

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Kraftwerk lawsuit Afrika Bambaataa/Arthur Baker "Planet Rock" German Court Rules Artists Can Use Samples Without Sampling 

Afrika Bambaataa's "Planet Rock," the pioneering 1982 single that helped give birth to hip-hop and electro, was based on two Kraftwerk songs, but it didn't technically sample either of them. Instead, Bambaataa and producer Arthur Baker recreated the synthesizer melody and drum-machine patterns themselves. "I tried to create what a DJ would do with records," Baker told Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton for their great book The Record Players: The Story of Dance Music Told by History's Greatest DJs. Baker also acknowledged they'd had to settle with Kraftwerk for "a lot of money." 

Kraftwerk recently won a legal victory that could restrict other would-be sample-wielders to the "Planet Rock" approach: basically, sampling without sampling. As the German legal publication Juve reports, Germany's highest court for non-constitutional legal matters has ruled in favor of Kraftwerk in a long-running case involving a sample of "Metal on Metal," from the techno-pop trailblazers' landmark 1977 album Trans-Europe Express. At dispute was a sample used in German rapper Sabrina Setlur's 1997 single "Nur Mir" ("Only Me") by producers Moses Pelham and Martin Haas. 

After more than a decade of legal wrangling, the Federal Court of Justice of Germany reportedly found that a music producer can't legally copy another artist's recording to that extent that the producer has the ability and the equipment to make the same sounds herself. The judges determined that "Nur Mir" could've recreated Kraftwerk's sounds, "Planet Rock"-style, in 1997, and that's why Kraftwerk won the case. 

Still, the ruling opens a whole new can of worms when it comes to sampling in Germany. The Economist, which somewhat confusingly refers to the court (Bundesgerichtshof in German) as "the German supreme court," reports that the judges said the recreation of the sample would have to be good enough to satisfy the typical consumer. That creates something of a paradox, according to Udo Kornmeier, the attorney for the defense, who's quoted as asking, "How can you be sure that the artist has succeeded before the work has been released to the consumer? 

Kornmeier, who worries the ruling could have a chilling effect on sampling across media, including photo collages and written parodies, is reportedly considering appealing the case to the highest court in Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court. Kraftwerk remain influential, but their latest venture into the legal realm might not necessarily make "Planet Rock" the law of the land. As awesome as that sounds now that we say it. via  www.spin.com

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Making Beats With 9th Wonder - 'The Solution ' is available now @9thwondermusic @buckshot @duckdownmusic 

9th Wonder breaks down the different components to his "What I Gotta Say" instrumental. The song is off 'The Solution,' his new album with Buckshot out now
 Purchase the album today at iTunes: http://bit.ly/9thbuck.

Album Stream: 9th Wonder & Buckshot The Solution

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What Inspires DJ Premier? 

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"Roc for Raida" video trailer - PART 2 (feat. DJ Mista Sinista) 

Members of the X-Men and X-Ecutioners recently reunited to celebrate the life of Roc Raida at the "Roc for Raida" Listening Party at Scratch DJ Academy in New York City. DJs Sean C, DJ Diamond (Diamond Jay), Mista Sinista, DJ Precision, Rob Swift, and Boogie Blind gathered to reminisce about Roc Raida and showcase routines for an intimate crowd.

Purchase "Roc For Raida" on CD at http://www.djrobswift.com/music
or for download on http://djrobswift.bandcamp.com

This May 17th marks what would have been Roc Raida's 40th birthday. Unfortunately Raida isn't here to rejoice with us but it doesn't mean we can't. Thus, I ask you, Raida's fans, not to mourn his death on the 17th of May. For birthdays are about celebrating life.

Although Raida only lived to be 37, he accomplished more in those 37 years than some people do in a lifetime. The odds were stacked against Raida from childhood. The odds say a young man who drops out of school will never make it out of the projects. But Raida not only left Harlem's Foster Projects as an adult, he left New York and made a home for his wife and kids in Maryland. The odds say an aspiring DJ without turntables will never be able to perfect his skills. But Raida initially developed his style by going to other people's homes and practicing on sets that didn't belong to him. The odds say once you retire from battling you've given up your chance to win a world DJ title. But Raida came out of a 3 year retirement and won the 1995 World DMC Title. The odds say once you die, the world moves on without you. But through the support of many of YOU for my mixtape "Roc For Raida", the memory of Anthony Williams aka Grandmaster Roc Raida continues to live on. The odds have always been stacked against Raida and even in death, he continues to defy those odds.

So for those of you who've purchased "Roc For Raida", on behalf of Tyeasha Williams (Raida's wife) and their 3 kids, Tia, Nyra and Asia, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those who haven't bought a copy of "Roc For Raida" I urge you to please support. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to Tye and the kids. But If that isn't enough incentive, I hope my latest "Roc For Raida" video trailer will move you to Roc For Raida!

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Max Mostley of 83 Sound - "The Beat Tape" 

"Its been sometime since 83 Sound has released anything individually for the masses. For all the heads holding it down freestyling building their craft or just a diehard hip hop junkie, BRIDGING THE GAP MUSIC GROUP is proud to present "The Beat Tape" by Max Mostley of 83 Sound.

Consisting of 9 head nodding, eccentric tracks with a little over 13 minutes in running time, this will definitely help to make your cypher complete!"

Download and streaming link via Soundcloud:

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DJ Rob Swift's "Roc for Raida" video trailer 

DJ Rob Swift of The X-Ecutioners previews & discusses the upcoming "Roc For Raida" a tribute to the late DJ "Roc Raida, out March 20th.

"Roc for Raida" is a collection of songs & battle style routines that defined Raida the artist... the person. Proceeds from will be donated to Raida's family.

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