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Kruder & Dorfmeister- Dj/Producers G-STONE RECORDINGS 


Kruder & Dorfmeister-G-STONE RECORDINGS, two guys mainly known through their successful dj-sets and a respectable record of vinyl-releases since 1993. A dubplate-melting factor from Vienna. Two producers/djs/remixers whose distinctive trademark sound is at most times extremely mellow, has a lot of bass, downbeat tracks and a sense of epic soundscapes. There might be the occasional double-time breaks and the heavy and deep typically viennese feeling.

Consider K&D to roam in their own, unique realm of musical beutekunst that owes and gives a lot to rare funk tunes, electric jazz arrangements, the feeling of deep soul, hiphop, dub, reggae, ambient, fusion, brazil, chansons, dope beats and drum+bass and still a lot more influences that happen to find the interest of the two austrians.

Be it their self-produced tracks or the sound of their remixes, the K&D symptomatic feeling of lush european loungcore-dub pervaded all swift changes of the triphop hype and survived as a highly personal expression that found easy access into the world of drum&bass when the breakbeats became soulful.

G-Stone Recordings was founded by Viennese DJs and producers Peter Kruder & Richard Dorfmeister. It is a small creative cluster of musicians, artists, VJs - people who feel musically, artistically and personally connected. A bundle of talent that shares a common stance: a slow food movement of beat gourmets, more interested in a sustained quality of production than in prolific mass output, tending to rather work with people close to the heart than going for yet another faceless remix job.



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DJ Damu The Fudgemunk on the Technics recording scratches for Supply For Demand 

This video features a brief clip of Damu joking around at Best Buy in NYC, and some raw studio footage filmed while he recorded scratches for the intro to his LP, Supply For Demand.

Supply For Demand is available NOW on VINYL, CD & Digital.


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Dj Qbert DJ Times America's Best Dj 2010 

DJ Qbert performance / interview at the Palms, LV for Dj Times / Pioneer, America's Best Dj competition 2010.

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Mystro - The Diary of Digmund Frued Part 2 

Part 2 of the Diary of Digmund Frued by UK emcee Mystro, apparently Mr Gibson has been going around telling the truth lol

The video is for Mystro's latest release The Digmund Frued EP which is out now

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DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 - Sunday 17th and Monday 18th October 

Its that time of year when 25 nations of Champion DJs gather under one roof.Rane/Serato present GrandWizzard Theodore (Inventor of the Scratch), Traktor presents DJ Shiftee – Showcase on both nights and the EXCLUSIVE premiere of Shiftee :The Golden Years (Monday 18th). UK V France Beatbox battle! Reeps One v Eklips!, DJ Woody and his AV show ‘Turntables in Technicolor’ and Yarah Bravo Live!

For more information visit http://www.dmcdjchamps.com/ or email sally@dmcworld.com For all press, radio and online queries, please contact: corin@grindstonepromo.com www.dmcdjchamps.com / www.dmcworld.tv 

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Today marks the day we lost DJ Roc Raida. Sept. 19th 09. RIP ROC Raida 

I remember the day this went down clear in my head. DJ Roc Raida's winning 1995 DMC WORLD routine. RIP my brother u will be missed!

In the memory of Roc Raida, (X-men, X- Ecutioners) DITC's AG, Brand Nubian's Sadat X &DJ Jab, Fat Beats form Trinity

Roc Raida Giving some tips..

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G-Ammo - Inner Space - Live Beatmaking Video (Mellow Underground Hip-Hop) 

A live beatmaking video by G-Ammo, showing you guys how I use the ''wah wah'' sound in my samples.

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6 vintage record players from San Diego producer Question's collection 

Here's a look at 6 vintage record players in my collection. The first one is an antique 1920's Victrola Phonograph. I bought it from its original owner who restored it himself. Next is the G.E. Wildcat which was released in the late 60's and early 70's. My awesome wife gave this to me for christmas last year. She found this model in immaculate condition at an antique store and its seriously brand new! The next one is the Califone 1010, I picked this up since this was the same model they used back in middle school and it was a bit nostalgic. The first portable is the 1960 Japanese issue Toshiba GP-41E. This red player caught my eye with its modern shape. It's also smaller than the portable players in its era. The next portable is the Columbia GP-3 which was also a Japanese release. The first version came in a cream and red colorway, and this clear case was made in limited quantity. And finally, the smallest of the pack is the 1970 Naco Portable. One of the features that made this player stand out besides its size -is that it isn't belt-driven. The Naco runs direct drive by a rubber spindle that grips the record and spins it at 33 or 45 speed. This was actually a great find, it was still in its original box and came complete with manual and documents.

Nothing beats the warm sound of records. Imagining how they did it back in the early days is an experience in itself. Enjoy!

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