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THEOREMATIC: With Masta Ace 2016 

Added by: Chinita, 29/Mar/16 | Comments: 0

New "De La Soul" Dilla Plugged In J-Dilla/New projects coming soon produced Pete Rock & DJ Premier 

New From "De La Soul" Dilla Plugged In.. look out for the new mixtape "Smell The DA.I.S.Y." beats J Dilla and Premiem Soul On The Rocks produced DJ Premier & Pete Rock (Mixtape)

Added by: Chinita, 04/Mar/14 | Comments: 0

ILLOGIC HOT LEAD (Prod Aaron Evans) 

This is the first song from ILLogic and Aaron Evans project "The Dove ink Sessions: Work for Peace". This is a collection of songs they recorded between 2002 and 2007. For more info please visit www.illogicmusic.com

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Misanthrope-Βαδίζω στο αίμα των ανθρώπων (Walking on people's blood) 

Misanthrope (Kalhas & C.brain) -Βαδίζω στο αίμα των ανθρώπων (Walking on people's blood) 
Beat by:C.brain 
Lyrics/rap:C.brain & Kalhas 
Misanthrope team/Kalhas music/LCOB Greece 

Download this track for free and check out more "Misanthrope" music @ www.reverbnation.com/kalhas

Added by: Mole, 07/Jul/13 | Comments: 0

Revue - 10 Years Later: The Album 

Revue is a female poet from St Louis with a unique style of slam poetry and hip hop in her music. Here is her debut album "10 Years Later: The Album"


Added by: EmSeeD, 17/Jun/13 | Comments: 0

Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu feat. Kalhas - Matrice Noire (Leak) 

Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu - Matrice Noire (Feat. Kalhas) 
Album : Les Enregistrements Etheriques d'Atoum vol.2 : Shabda du Mahabhuta Akasha 
Label : RevoltMotion 2013

Added by: Mole, 09/Jun/13 | Comments: 0

Blame One & J57 - They Don't Know (feat. Akie Bermiss) 

"I heard you can only be forgiven through christ, if thats the truth there's a lot of dirt bags with eternal life

This song reflects the same way I feel about religion, "They Don't Know Who You Are" who could really fully know God

Added by: EmSeeD, 06/Jun/13 | Comments: 0

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