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EPMD Back In Business (Again) !! 

EPMD (Erick Sermon & Parrish Smith) will be releasing a new album sometime in December (some are saying December 9th) titled We Mean Business. Not only is this a breath of fresh air for EPMD fans, but featured emcees on the album will be KRS-One, Redman, Keith Murray, Havoc, Raekwon. On the boards will be Teddy Riley & 9th Wonder (I hope Erick produces for this album as well).

Added by: Menace, 28/Oct/08 | Comments: 2

Wu-Tang Movie !! 


Wu-Tang will be releasing a documentary entitled Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan. This movie will feature never before seen interviews and rare concert footage. It will be released November 18. For a trailer of the movie, it can be seen at http://www.wumovie.com/trail/09/wu.html It's a must see for any Wu-Tang fan or anyone who's getting into Wu-Tang.

Added by: Menace, 13/Oct/08 | Comments: 7

UNO the Prophet - A Millie!! lil wayne diss remake 

Strictly conscious revolutionary hip hop in every word this song shows the ignorance of the so called rappers now days.

Added by: NtG, 29/Sep/08 | Comments: 0

Keith Murray Signs With Premier Artist Group!! 

Keith Murray, of Def Squad fame, has recently signed with Premier
Artist Group. He’s currently writing new material for his future album,
and is prepping for his "True Artistry" tour. Also he’s shopping a
reality TV show to networks. For any new Keith Murray fans, I suggest
checking his first two albums (Most Beautifullest Thing In This World
& Enigma). Be on the lookout for tour dates for the "True Artistry"

Source: Ughh.com

Added by: NtG, 29/Sep/08 | Comments: 1
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