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Kooley High - The Cleaners (New Official Video) song produced by Foolery 

Filmed by David Hambridge & Beau Vorous / Directed by David Hambridge Off Kooley High's latest project, 'Heights' now available on 180 Gram Vinyl here: http://www.fatbeats.com/products/kooley-high-heights-ep

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THEOREMATIC: With Masta Ace 2016 

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Zimbabwe's Rap Queen: to celebrate International Women’s Day 

Zimbabwe's Rap Queen: to celebrate International Women’s Day, they meet inspiring Zimbabwean mc AWA from Makakoba. Despite the many challenges she’s faced, from sexual blackmail to domestic violence, she is determined to not only forge a career as a hip hop artist but to tackle these issues in her music.

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@AIMClika Our event is next Saturday 25th, come on true ft Pioneer MC GLOBE of Afrika Bam­baataa & The Soulsonic Force 

This event is being put together by the UK based global act­iv­ist and Hip Hop organ­iz­a­tion The Anti-Injustice Move­ment (aka AIM Clika) and us Real Hip Hop Forever. It is sponsored by Clean Lyr­ics Records/ Hector Freedom MIC.

The pur­pose of the event is to bring raw aware­ness to the sub­ject of human traf­fick­ing. This will be done with the inde­pend­ent col­lect­ive con­scious­ness of Hip Hop at its core (par­tic­u­larly the Fifth Ele­ment of Know­ledge) with its other elements.

The event will take place at a pop­u­lar Hip Hop venue called The Paper Box in the heart of Brook­lyn in New York City. New York City is per­fect for the event as it is ‘the home of Hip Hop’ since its two greatest pion­eers Kool Herc and Afrika Bam­baataa estab­lished its roots there in the 1970s.

Human traf­fick­ing is the trade in humans, most com­monly for the pur­pose of sexual slavery, forced labour or com­mer­cial sexual exploit­a­tion for the traf­ficker or oth­ers, or for the extrac­tion of organs or tis­sues (includ­ing sur­rog­acy and organ removal). It can also be for provid­ing a spouse in the con­text of forced mar­riage. ‘Slavery’ never ended and is in fact more pre­val­ent now than it was at the peak of the Transat­lantic Slave Trade.

The Hip Hop Head­liner at the event is Hip Hop Icon, Pion­eer and Uni­ver­sal Zulu Nation OG MC G.L.O.B.E. of Afrika Bam­baataa & The Soulsonic Force. He was the cre­ator of ‘MC pop­pin’ and this ori­ginal rap style paved the way for many Hip Hop artists today. MC G.L.O.B.E, DJ Afrika Bam­baataa and the rest of the Soulsonic Force were together one of the most influ­en­tial groups in Hip Hop his­tory who trans­formed Hip Hop music, which they fused with Funk, with their influ­en­tial clas­sics ‘Planet Rock’, ‘Look­ing for the Per­fect Beat and ‘Reneg­ades of Funk’.

Not only will a his­tor­ical Pion­eer and Uni­ver­sal Zulu Nation OG, MC G.L.O.B.E., be head­lining but an up and com­ing young New York Hip Hop pion­eer, Chief69 from The Uni­ver­sal Zulu Nation (Bronx Chapter), will play a large part in the whole per­form­ance. He’ll be doing Street Poetry from his new book, live graff writ­ing and emcee­ing while BBoy­ing with the incred­ible Bronx Boys Rock­ing Crew (TBB) from the area where Hip Hop was born.

AIM Clika West Coast (Cali) General/Califia Zulu Gabe Ros­ales (aka VNON) will be present­ing a talk on ‘Hip Hop as a Weapon Against Injustice’ in order to explore Hip Hop as a means of fight­ing injustice in the present cli­mate where cor­por­ate rap has attemp­ted to des­troy its core val­ues. He will explain reas­ons why cor­por­a­tions have tried to dis­arm real Hip Hop (what Pion­eers like MC G.L.O.B.E. brought to the world), just as many gov­ern­ments attempt to silence and oppress act­iv­ists who push for pos­it­ive change. He is both a ded­ic­ated mem­ber of The Anti-Injustice Move­ment and the Cal­i­fia Zulus and many of the val­ues held and meth­ods used by the former have been greatly influ­enced by what VNON has learned from the lat­ter as he has been a key fig­ure in the evol­u­tion AIM Clika. This is another reason why The Uni­ver­sal Zulu Nation will be greatly honored at this event.

The event has some not­able under­ground con­scious emcees from the New York area like, The Ghetto Tran­scends Poten­tial, God­head the Gen­eral from The Sar­gon­ites, Supreme Sniper, Nejma Shea, Los Leones NYC and Human Traf­fick­ing expert, New York Gen­eral and MC for AIM Clika Renan Sal­gado (aka SAI) along with a few others.

AIM Clika ‘Philly’ Gen­eral MC Ther­ap­ist and his Lieu­ten­ant Mekz1 will be drop­ping some revolu­tion­ary Hip Hop tracks. There will also be per­form­ances from:
AIM Clika ‘Dirty Jerz’General MC Enki Jex Rasta­fari from the Dirty Jerz Chapter and AIM Clika Mid­w­est Chapter will also be per­form­ing with tal­en­ted mem­bers Chapter like sharp spit­ting MC Stream of Con­scious­ness to hard hit­ting Street Poet One.

The Anti-Injustice Move­ment also have their Pres­id­ent and vit­ri­olic Street Poet AK47 fly­ing in from Scot­land to per­form along with world class AIM Clika Scot­land beat­boxer Bigg Taj. Real Hip Hop Forever also have their incred­ible col­lect­ive of emcees from Aruba, Cent­ral Pieces, per­form­ing at the event in order to bring Carib­bean con­scious Hip Hop to New York. Their pil­grim­age from Aruba to the ’Home of Hip Hop’ will be doc­u­mented by New York film-maker Tristan J. Nedd. There will be another doc­u­ment­ary about the event itself, human traf­fick­ing and Hip Hop as a weapon against injustice being filmed by AIM Clika Dirty Jerz revolu­tion­ary film­maker Miguel Peralta.

The event will be ground­break­ing in the way it brings Hip Hop, street poetry and expert speak­ers together in order to raise aware­ness about the global issue of Mod­ern Day Slavery.

The Anti-Injustice Movement (AIM Clika)

Real Hip Hop Forever

The event is sponsored by Clean Lyrics Records/Hector Freedom Mic

Cent­ral Pieces (RHHF Aruba)
God Head The Gen­eral (from The Sar­gon­ites)
Ghetto Tran­scends Poten­tial
Los Leones NYC
Renan ‘SAI’ Sal­gado
Gabe ‘VNON’ Ros­ales
Guer­rilla X
Bigg Taj
MC Ther­ap­ist
Stream of Con­scious­ness
Nejma Shea
Jex Rasta­fari
Supreme Sniper
Mekz One
Stone­henge Parnhash­nakovsky
The Bronx Boys Rock­ing Crew

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New from Zulu Queen Miranda Writes "Knowledge of Self" 

New from Zulu Queen Miranda Writes -We live in a World where actions no longer have consequences, morality is no longer a reality, our youth are not supported to be a change and there is no longer any respect or value of a human life. With that being said; in every shadow of darkness there will be a presence of light. Embark with Miranda Writes as she flourishes our souls, cleanses our minds and awakens our third eye. To be Wise, Strong, Certain & Fight for the beauty in life is the definition of a true Warrior. There's room in my army, what are you waiting for? "Knowledge of Self"!!!

You can Purchase this Single Here! :

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