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Zimbabwe's Rap Queen: to celebrate International Women’s Day 

Zimbabwe's Rap Queen: to celebrate International Women’s Day, they meet inspiring Zimbabwean mc AWA from Makakoba. Despite the many challenges she’s faced, from sexual blackmail to domestic violence, she is determined to not only forge a career as a hip hop artist but to tackle these issues in her music.

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Afrika Bambaataa's speech after receiving his proclamation.. 

WAKE UP OUR YOUTH..ORGANIZE..ORGANIZE..KNOWLEDGE WISDOM UNDERSTANDING..Afrika Bambaataa's speech after receiving his proclamation..

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@JaeWan RAISED IN WAR (Full Documentary) 

For the last 3 years Jae-Wan has been filming for his short documentary "Raised in War" and has decided to release it to the public. This documentary takes a deeper look into Jae-Wan's career and life since he is rarely seen on camera or in the public eye, its time for the world know the truth.

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The Roots talk Top 5 Mcs, New Album, Inspiration + More @Hardknocktv 

The Roots' Black Thought, Kirk Douglas and Mark Kelley talk to Hard Knock Tv's Nick Huff Barili before their performance at the Samsung Galaxy Sound Stage during the SXSW 2013 festival. Topics include Black Thought's list of Top 5 MCs of all time, How the new Roots album is coming along as well as which song or artist inspired each member to want to do music for a career.

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What Inspires Brother Ali? 

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SAMPLE THIS Official Movie Trailer (2012) ft Afrika Bambaataa and more, World Premiere Oct. 21st 

World Premiere Sunday, October 21 @ 9pm Austin Film Festival - Austin TX

SAMPLE THIS is the true story of how an unknown music producer and the greatest studio musicians of the 70's entwined to create one of the most influential albums in history.

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