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ArtOfficial - Doing Things Wrong 

Heres a little taste of what you can expect from the upcoming HiPNOTT Records 2010 Takeover, Vol 2 dropping February 15th! Miami-base hip hop/jazz group ArtOfficial recorded this new track, Doing Things Wrong exclusively for the HiPNOTT Takeover mixtape series. The first volume of the mixtape was highly acclaimed throughout the Net and received well over 2,000 downloads in just over 3 weeks. The second volume will feature more artists from HiPNOTTs roster as well as exclusives from some of hip hops hottest underground acts.

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From Our Very Own Real Hip Hop Forever..Thugy, please support underground hip hop

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Introducing - Supreem Thawtz 

An upcomming hip-hop artist outta Chicago, keepin hip-hop rooted with lyracism and dope beats! All while no sexual content, degrading, use of the 'N' word and cursing. I promote God, growth, love, family, awareness and positivity!
Support Underground Hip Hop

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DJ Rob Swift's mostly instrumental The Architect is due February 23rd (Tracklist) 

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Will Be Available In hard copy And MP3 album.

01. Overture
02. Introduction
03. The Architect
04. Principio ft. Breez Evahflowin
05. Story Of A Man
06. Sound The Horn
07. Prelude To The 1st Movement
08. Rabia – 1st Movement
09. Rabia – 2nd Movement
10. Rabia – 3rd Movement
11. D.R.E.W.
12. Intermission
13. Lower Level – 1st Movement
14. Lower Level – 2nd Movement
15. Lower Level – 3rd Movement
16. Spartacus
17. Sound The Horn (reprise)
18. Ultimo ft. Breez Evahflowin

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Raekwon's H2O IceWater Records Joins With CNN 

CNN as in Capone-N-Noreaga : ) Raekwon also promising some big news he will announce January 1st

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Soul Assassins Online !! 


For those who are fans of The Soul Assassins or just simply DJ Muggs, good news, they will be starting a digital music store soon. It will be featuring unreleased material from over the years and starts off with the DJ Muggs track "Call It How I See It", featuring Chace Infinite (of Self Scientific) and Krondon (of Strong Arm Steady). This track was recorded back in 2000 and will only be sold through the website. It will be going on sale according to the website at 12:01 am PST (Pacific Standard Time), Saturday October 18th. If you're from the Northeast or Midwest, the times are as follows: 3:01 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) /2:01 am EST (Eastern Standard Time).
Here is the link to the Soul Assassins' site SoulAssassins.com

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