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DJ PEAK making a BEAT in his lab... 

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DMC Champion DJ Rafik Performs on Traktor Scratch Pro & check out the routine that won him the DMC Champ. 

DMC Champion Dj Rafik chops up the "Block Rockin' Beats" sample from the Chemical Brothers, triggering individual cue points so he can restructure the lick in his own way. On the left deck, he runs a hi-hat that is routed that the Gater, Filter and Beatmasher effects in Traktor, all controlled via the upcoming X1 controller. On the second video check out the routine that won him the World DMC Championship in 2007.

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Funk Master Flex & Dj Red Alert (live classic breaks mix) 

DJ Red Alert and Funkmaster Flex gave New York radio listeners a Christmas Eve holiday treat with a live classic breaks mix the way it was done back in the days, check it out.

This video took me way back to the good old days, hip hop to the fullest!

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DJ Day & Exile Explain Finger Drumming & Live MPC Use 

Fantastic Video, Exile and DJ Day explain live "MPC’ism”, finger drumming, and sample based music performances while demonstrating the concepts during an appearance at the Rooms of Red Bull.

Exile and Dj Day at the Rooms of Red Bull from joao costa on Vimeo.

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The DMC World DJ Championships Is Now In Its 25th Year, 2009 Battles Have Begun! 

Battle season 2009 has already started, here are the latest DMC World DJ Championship Events scheduled for your selected country
Its an event you can't miss!
(click on this link then the drop down menu for your country)
Click here for events and the DMC site

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