Death Row To Release Never Before Heard Tupac Music 

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Roughly a week after the 38th birthday of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur, WIDEawake Entertainment Group, the company that recently acquired the assets of Death Row Records, has announced that they will be releasing an album of unreleased music from Tupac as well as other releases from former Death Row artists in the near future.

The new releases stem from a deal between WIDEawake and music publisher EverGreen. As part of their deal EverGreen will be responsible for compositions and master recordings in the Death Row catalog.

"After purchasing the Death Row catalog in January, WIDEawake began looking for a partner to help monetize their rights," David Schulhof, co-CEO of EverGreen explained to Billboard. "We already had a relationship through the estate of Tupac Shakur; WIDEawake was looking for an exclusive boutique company to help focus on licensing in the film, television, video game and ad world; and because we own the catalogs of Tupac and 2 Live Crew and Teddy Riley and others, they knew we already had experience in the genre. So, it just felt like the obvious choice for them to partner up with us for Death Row."

Aside from the Tupac album which will be released in June 2010, just in time for the rapper’s next birthday, WIDEawake also plans on releasing The Chronic Re-Lit. The Chronic Re-Lit, which will include four bonus tracks and a DVD featuring footage of Dr. Dre and other artists, will be released September of this year.

In mid-January Blender magazine reported that Death Row Records had been auctioned off to WIDEawake Holdings for the sum of $18 million.

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