The Battle Between Big Pun's Wife & Fat Joe Continues... 

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Tension has continued to brew between the Terror Squad leader and the widow of his former friend Big Pun. Liza Rios has sent more shots towards Joe and made accusations that she has still not received the fair amount of earnings from her late husband.

In response Fat Joe has stated that he had given Pun's wife the advance of the Endangered Species album released in 2001 and assured the point that no one but her made profit from that project. Although the album may not have had as much sales as his previous work it was still able to peak at number 7 on the Billboard 200.

The benefits from his greatest hits album, however, must not have been sufficient or not as much as what was reported due to the fact that Rios is currently living in a homeless shelter with her three children. She stated, through an interview with Ms. Drama, that she only received $116,000 since Pun's passing. That money passes as she had close to $120,000 to pay alone for mortgage for the home she had still lived in along with expenses needed to support herself and her children.

Even in having over $100,000 it is more than evident that the amount of money a person has is useless if they are not receiving any and are only continuing to dish out funds.

Not to be painted as the bad guy, Joe responded by stating that he has not made anything off of Pun since his death and although he feels for her situation, there is nothing more that he can do for her.

Problems initially came to a boil back in 2002 when Rios released the documentary, Still Not A Player. Some of the content accused Joe of not giving Rios all of her royalties with the greatest hits album which would cause a rift in their relationship. It was also noted that Joe did not even appear on the documentary as most of Pun's friends and associates conducted interviews about Pun. She added that Pun has continued to make money for everyone else, but none of his contributions have shown benefits to his family.

The two have yet to speak on friendly terms and have used the aid of lawyers and the court system in order to deal with their ongoing beef.

In battles such as these where there are always two sides to the same coin or two sides to the same story it is hard to believe anyone's story without the needed story from Big Pun himself.

by: Justin Stewart

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