37th Anniv. of The Universal Zulu Nation + 36th Anniv. of Hip Hop Culture 

Afrika Bambaataa and The Universal Zulu Nation invite you to celebrate, The 37th Anniversary of The Universal Zulu Nation + The 36th Anniversary of Hip Hop Culture, Nov. 11 - 14, 2010. Performances by Ultramagnetic MCs, NY OIL, Chubb Rock, Just Ice, PMD, Jimmy Spicer, A-Prime, Soul Flower, Black Rob, GrandMaster Caz & Mick Benzo, Jazzy Jay, GrandWizzard Theodore and more! 

This Anniversary is Dedicated to Those Who Crossed Over to Watch Over Us as Hip Hop Ancestors including: Cowboy, Whiz Kid, Mercury, Disco King Mario, Master Don, Freeky Tai, Sugar Shaft, Professor X, Big Pun, Tupac, Scott La Rock, B.O., Matthew Hall, Frosty Freeze, Notorious B.I.G., Buck 4, Kuriaki, DJ Darryl C, Kid Delight, Dondi, Jam Master Jay, King Sha Sha, Iz the Wiz, Trouble T-Roy, Easy E, Michael Mixin Moore, Rudy Pardee, Rob 1, Talk Sick, DJ Dusk, Money Ray, J Dilla, Guru, Apache, Grand Master Roc Raida, Mister Magic, Rammellzee and Catfish Collins

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