5 Moments that Forever Changed Hip Hop "AJ WOODSON" 

Very often there are moments in time that forever alter things as we know it. In this article I would like to address 5 moments that changed the direction of hip-hop. They may not be the most important moments, but they are 5 Important Moments ThatForever Changed Hip-Hop.

1. Tupac Is Shot and Robbed in NYC & Accuses Biggie & Sean 'P Diddy'Combs
One of the most important moments was Wednesday, November 30, 1994, when Tupac was shot five times and robbed in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios. This single event, and the twoVibe Magazine Covers that followed kicked off the infamous East Coast-West Coast Beef.

1a. The Deaths of Biggie & Tupac (September 13, 1996 & March 9, 1997)
Two separate moments that equally forever changed hip-hop, and are a result of that night in November 1994.

2. The Cop Killer Fallout at Warner Bros. Records
Body Count was actually a heavy metal group created and formed by rapper Ice T comprised musicians he had known from Crenshaw High School. The fallout from their song Cop Killer resulted in several artists to be released from Warner Brothers, including The Almighty RSO for their single One In Da Chamber and Paris for The Devil Made me Do It cover art.

3. N.W.A. Get A Letter From The F.B.I.
NWA may not have created what we now know as Gangsta Rap but they took it to places no one had ever gone before them. Their single F Tha Police caused The FBI to send a letter for their advocating violence and assault of law enforcement, (A letter that can be seen today in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.) This became the first to have the Parental Advisory sticker on their record.

4. My Addias - RUN DMC
Jay Z, 50 Cent & several others have sneaker deals today but the Kings From Queens were the first non sports figures to get a endorsement deal from a sneaker company. They had a nation of millions wearing the shell toed sneakers with no shoe laces which lead to a $2 million dollar endorsement deal.

5. Biz Markie's Copyright Infringement Case

His album I Need A Haircut should have been title I Need A Lawyer after being sued by Gilbert O' Sullivan for copyright infringement for sampling Alone Again (Naturally). The court ruled in O'Sullivan favor, forever changing hip-hop causing samples to be cleared. "all samples cleared"



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