Guerrilla Republik is proud to present: Love and Sacrifice Vol. 6 :"International Pearls of Wisdom" Download 

Guerrilla Republik presents "Love and Sacrifice" "International Pearls of Wisdom" mixtape v.6 Hosted by Lah Tere introducing a global line up of SiStas who represent Puerto Rico, Republica Dominicana, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, UK, US, Canada,Palestine and more. "Goal" platform for women in Hip Hop using it as a tool for liberation n emotional release

1. Keep Ya Head Up (Peru-Chile-NYC) 4:23 Mala Fama
2.Sube (Chile-Detroit) 3:27 Anita Tijoux ft. Invincible
3.You Are (Puerto Rico-Chicago) 2:08 Lah Tere
4.Intoxicada (Mexico) 3:05 Jezzy P
5.Fly Away (NYC) 4:08 AtLas' ft. Sahara
6.Existe (Chile) 3:17 La Michu MC
7.Star Women Anthem (Jamaica-Palestine- Denver- UK 5:13 Poetic Pilgrimage ft. Invincible, Shadia Mansour, Asia
8.Peso Completo (Mexico) 3:13 Ximbo
9.No Me Dejaron (Cuba) 3:14 Las Krudas
10.Gametime (NYC) 2:18 PEMG
11.Flores Para Tu Altar (Puerto Rico-NYC) 3:24 La Bruja ft. Celina Gomez LO
12.Respect My Fresh REMIX (NYC) 3:46 Annie Hard Knox, Mekca, Purple Haze and AtLas'
13.Sweet Love (California-NYC) 4:20 Toni Blackman
14.Latino America (Venezuela) 4:01 Garee
15.Find Yourself (Connecticut) 2:57 Akua Naru
16.Crush (Puerto Rico-Chicago) 2:50 Lah Tere
17.BetterThanMyLast -BrianAllDay Remix (Chicago) 3:47 Psalm One
18.Friction (Detroit) 3:42 Boog Brown ft. Miz Korona, Invincible
19.Queen Anthem (NYC) 4:02 Likwid ft. Tiye Phoenix
20.Hip Hop Contra La Pobreza (Ecuador-LA) 1:38 Guerrilla Queenz
21.Besame La Mano- Bendicion Madrina (Dominican Republic) 3:29 Miss Sifu
22.When We Gone (Mexico - Milwaukee) - 4:14 Lady Sypher X ft. Harmony

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