The 6th Element Presents: "Who The Fuck Is The 6th Element? Vol.1" Drops July 16 

"Who The Fuck Is The The 6th Element? Vol.1" The mixtape drops on 16/7/12 and features Vendetta Kingz, Verbal Godz AKA ILL Resistance Society Yedidyah, Son of Saturn, Ern Dawgy, Dee Da Limbless, Banish, AIMS, Alaska Redd, Naja Gemini, Shah King, Dirty Bird Emcee, Marcanum X, Nohokai, Misguided, SageInfinite, A-Mack, Alice Leonz, Yash Kapoor, Black Pope, Soul Keeper, Dark Guerrilla Chato, Magma, Topas and Halon.

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