80 Blocks From Tiffany's - Official DVD Trailer, November 2010 

Another must have film coming up, that will bring you back to the gang culture of this era. Why I post all these documentaries about gang culture in the 70's? this is hip hop in the making, in actual reality, gang culture, these hard times and many other factors, is what gave birth to hip hop culture in the 70's, so pay attention to these docs and learn some history. I remember when this film was talked about but i myself never got a chance to watch it while it was on VHS but like "the Warriors" which was also a reality of the gang culture in New York City, its a must watch film. Can You Digggggg It?

Five Day Weekend and Traffic Entertainment are proud to announce, 80 Blocks From Tiffany's, director Gary Weis' 1979 documentary about the South Bronx and its gang culture, The previously unavailable film will be released for the first time in 25 years, on November 2010. This masterpiece documents South Bronx gang culture in the 1970s focusing on interviews with members from the Savage Skulls & Savage Nomads the whole way through the movie giving the viewer first hand insights into the extraordinary lives they all lived enhanced with some excellent interviews with local police, business people and the community affected by the gangs behavior.. It will also include a 40 page book comprised of the original "Savage Skulls" article, an essay by David Hollander, and artwork by Julian Allen. All of this is, of course, to accompany both full and widescreen versions of the film that started it all.

Despite its role as an important and unflinching portrait of a profoundly interesting time in New York's cultural history, 80 Blocks was, for many years, impossible to find, only briefly available as an educational VHS release in 1985. In the years since its initial release, the documentary has gained an overwhelming cult status. With little to no news coverage over the decades since its release dedicated fans continued to buzz about the film. That buzz grewexponentially via the internet, which provided fans a common platform to fondly look back not only the at documentary itself, but the era that it captured so vividly.

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