A Tribe called Quest - Scenario demo 2 (download) Rest In Peace Chris Lighty (BDP/Native Tongue) 

Rest in peace Chris Lighty..a veteran, hip hop architect member of BDP, Native Tongues..the man behind the music..Lighty became a legend because of the work he did that there’s no amount of words to cover the span of his influence. He got his early start carrying record crates for DJ Red Alert and Scott La Rock before becoming a road manager, member for Boogie Down Productions. He went on to manage Native Tongue, The Jungle Brothers and A Tribe Called Quest, picking up the name "Baby Chris.”His first big break was on Black Sheep's posse cut "Pass The 40". He later teamed up with Lyor Cohen and became a staff on Rush Management. However, Chris wanted to venture out on his own and he and formed the independent label and management group Violator with Mona Scott. After a distribution deal with Relatively Records, Violator then teamed up with Def Jam and sponsored the first Warren G album in 1994. Violator grew to house other artists such as Capone, Noreaga, Busta Rhymes, and Mobb Deep. By 1999 Violator released its own compilation album that featured Q-Tip’s "Vibrant Thing” and a sequel compilation two years later and so on...this suppose to be another version of Scenario that has Chris Lighty and Jarobi rapping on it.. this is a demo i found on youtube but also found a version on divshare for download (down below)

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