A-Class - So Filthy (Video) 

A-Class's second Brake Fast Records release, "Deathsuit", is a 10 track collection of distinctive songs from the mind and lungs of a unique emcee. Class's recent success on the Grind Time battle circuit and the 4 year span since his last official release have built a growing anticipation from both his fanbase and the hip-hop community. He continues to break the conventions of hip-hop song structure on this record, ultimately making "Deathsuit" a variant piece of music.

The production on "Deathsuit" is largely at the hand of Brake Fast Records' in-house producer Tom Delay, who delivers progressive beats like "So Filthy" and "Next Factor", as well as murky piano bangers like "Sniper" and "KRK's". DJ/Producer P-Nyce, who also contributed to A-Class's debut release, supplies some dusty yet engaging loops on a couple more of Class's songs. DMV producer IllMeasured supplies the backdrop for what would probably be considered A-Class's most introspective song to date, "Laugh at Me Now".

"Deathsuit" ostensibly showcases what A-Class is renown for - clever metaphors, crazy schemes, and creative flows. But it also shows another side of Class, a more personal side, as the Baltimore-based emcee provides the listener with a glimpse into his own psyche. Touching on topics that range from other peoples' perceptions of him to his thoughts on the battle scene to materialism and the female species, "Deathsuit" is both an endeavor in lyricism and a chronicle of Class's life experiences.

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