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Abiss the She Lyricist! The MC with all the moves. A MC, songwriter, B-Girl, and businesswomen that can't take no for an answer. Abiss is one those MC's that don't see an ending in the culture of hip-hop. A true b-girl from the Hartbeat. She is the CEO/President of Soul Accession Ent. Publishing Company and Blazed-Up Records. She is really no stranger to the up's and down's of the industry. Abiss debut album "Apologies Not Accepted" is still rocking heads in the underground arena. The content of the album is groundbreaking and innovative. As a B-girl, she is a member of Lionstyle Z Break Crew. She is also a mentor and teacher in her city of Hartford, CT, teaching the youth in Breaking, Basketball and Education.

Abiss has opened for artist like KRS-One, Capone-N-Norega, and Nas. She has also, appeared at the New England Underground Show's, Ladies First Hip-hop Showcase in Bronx, NY and The True Form: Rap is not Hip-hop Forum in Richmond , VA. Not to mention, a lot of showcases around her native state of Connecticut. She also taught Poppin and locking classes at Pope Park Recreational Center with her comrades, Lionstyle Z Crew. Abiss is Hip-hop in every sense of the word. "The reason why I named my album "Apologies Not Accepted" is for the so-called MC's that are misrepresenting the art." Abiss is currently in the studio rapping up her sophmore EP, “Grip on Reality”!
Contains Production from El-Keter, Double Negative, Italian Mike, Big Will, DJ FACE of Top Shelf Productions and Stoutamire.

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