Agent X - Modus Operandi Out NOW! 

Founding member of RHHF Agent X's debut album "Modus Operandi" is now available, check out the full album at or subscribe to his YouTube page

Modus Operandi Track Listing

Heartaches & Pain (prod. by Unite C)
Wargods (prod. by Unite C)
Tyranny (prod. by Agent X)
Zonnin (prod. by Unite C)
Refreshing ft. Mnemonic (prod. by G-Ammo)
American Terror & Hypocrisy (prod. by Mnemonic)
Who Am I (prod. by El Matador)
Ledge of Sanity (prod. by El Matador)
Melancholy Molly (prod. by Aydee)
Modus Operandi (prod. by Unite C)

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