AKASHIK ANCESTORZ (Amun Morb & Son of Saturn) - THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) off "The Ancient Art Of Facts" LP 

The Akashik Ancestorz bring back raw street intelligence to Hip Hop. This is not your average "Conscious Hip Hop" or "Conspiracy Rap". Akashik Ancestorz have a knack for grabbing the consciousness of the listener, pulling them deep down into the rabbit hole and helping them reemerge from the pit of their shattered paradigms. Amun Morb & Son of Saturn are dedicated students, who offer honest ideas and explore the spectrum of concepts dealing with everything from current world issues, The Ancient Mysteries, and Metaphysics, to Spiritual and Political matters. This gritty, unconventional duo hooked up in 2009... both members being imported into Colorado from other areas, they found common ground not only in their eternal love for Hip Hop, but also in their almost inherent desire to find truth in the world of lies around them. For their first release "The Akashik Ancestorz EP" they joined forces with Rasul Allah of The Lost Children Of Babylon, Erks Orion, York Siddhartha, & Scientific - to name a few, in order to build a 9 song EP that shook underground Hip Hop... it is available in the FREE DOWNLOADS area. The sophmore album "The Ancient Art Of Facts" is an instant classic, Hip Hop knowledge born, grown, and chasing evil through the streets with molotov cocktails. The whole Revolt Motion fam is present in this LP, along with Hip Hop power houses Rook Da Rukus (Da Goldminerz) & IDE (Creative Juices/Elite Fleet). The Ancient Art Of Facts is available in the STORE section. Two of the hardest working heads in Hip Hop, Morb & Saturn are already working diligently on the 3rd installment to be produced entirely by German Hip Hop legend Snake Vs. Crane, as well as another 5 song EP produced entirely by DJ Joon of Lost Children Of Babylon Switzerland. Stay tuned, the Ancestorz are just getting started.

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