Ako - Broken Glass, Shattered Syllables and Stained Thoughts‏ 

Philadelphia based emcee and producer, Ako wrote and produced this album with the intent on releasing two separate tracking arrangements. Depending on which version you listen to, the listener will get a different experience from the instrumenation and lyrics.

As each track blends into the next, Ako carefully composed each song to be a lead in to the next. So essentially each song is designed to lead into two separate songs because their are two track listings. The album was produced entirely by Ako and Deleon both of the Chemistry Music Collective. The narrative explores the external stress and focuses on Ako’s attempt to present a lucid understanding of the things he can and can’t control.

Broken Glass, Shattered Syllables and Stained Thoughts:


Stained Glass, Shattered Thoughts and Broken Syllables


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