album name Puppycrusher The Anthology by Edward Cayce (Instrumental Album) 

Ed Cayce (producer half of The Hollowz, producer for YouTube's Epic Rap Battles), the man who has given the world “Dreams Of Sex And Flying”and “Fears Of Sex And Flying” has now released his latest instrumental project, a 32 track behemoth called “Puppycrusher The Anthology.”

“Puppycrusher” has nothing to do with puppies nor does it have anything to do with crushing stuff, similar to how “DOSAF” really didn’t have much to do with dreams, sex, or flying.

What the beat compilation does have it music that Ed has had in his vault, with very little of it being previously released, and Ed’s macabre sense of humor that knew a fraction of the people out there would be disturbed by the project’s cover and title.

Most of the songs have never had an owner, but some of the tracks have had multiple bids on them that fell through which is something that’s not uncommon in the world of hip-hop. Many times emcees will collect beats for projects, and then those emcees never put out actual product or they move on to the next set of beats they’ve gathered, allowing the unused beats to fall to their grave.

There is even a cursed beat on the project that was paid for and then subsequently unused several times.

For those that might have found his previous production effort “Fears Of Sex And Flying” to heavy or not hip-hop enough, “Puppycrusher The Anthology” should satisfy the appetite of any person who is a fan of more standard hip-hop production.

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