Alpha Male Society - Super High 2 (Mixtape Download)‏ 

The Super High series is back, and it’s more potent than ever…
The original Super High was a mixtape released on 4/20/09 by Alpha Male Society (AMSOC) members Big Hop & Kotix (Don DiGiorgio).
The mixtape was a favorite among weedheads and achieved great reviews and tons of downloads. This time around, they brought in their whole Alpha Male family to help out with their lyrical onslaught of the cannabis culture. The production is held down by X3M, Leland Jones, L’Orange, Verbal, Poe Mack, JMProductions and more. Standout songs include the posse cut, Super High 2, Weedman, High Definition & Light Up, however all the tracks will make you want to kick back, smoke something, and turn every day into 4/20…

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