Anacron - This Is Me 

The club banger production and lyrical acrobatics of "This Is Me” weave together nicely, displaying a ‘best of both worlds’-style mash up of content for the most hype club-goer, or the most critical rap purist. Meanwhile, "Proverbial Slap” explores the eclectic sound that Anacron is known for; blending electronic production, live instrumentation, and impressive turntablism into two movements, creating an overwhelming hip hop experience.

Once again proving his merit as a songwriter and producer, Anacron flexes the best aspects of his creativity all over this single, adding two more soon-to-be classics to the unwritten history of the new-school hip hop renaissance.

If you like what you hear, please take a moment to revisit, rediscover, and review Anacron's previous releases of 2011 that you may have missed:

- "Scene Not Herd" (Single)
- "The Facelift 2" (Remix Album)


Anacron - This Is Me by Anacron

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