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Always ones to speak their minds, Animal Farm created the song “Down to Business” based on the true story of a show that went horribly wrong. Although Animal Farm has opened shows for a number of similar popular artists such as Common, Method Man, Redman, and De La Soul, they have not always been so selective. “Down to Business” was produced by MC/ Producer Gen.Erik, and explores the Hip-Hop crowd that stands around quietly, looking more like they are looking for a fight than a fun time.

Download and Stream "Down to Business" here

In recent months, Animal Farm has built a substantial buzz as one of the hottest up-and-coming acts in Hip-Hop, following the release of their new album Culture Shock, featuring Talib Kweli, Rob Swift, and Abstract Rude. Animal Farm can currently be found all over the internet and their first single “Test of Time” hit #1 on the Rapattacklives college radio chart this week. The group’s success has led to a brand new worldwide audience, searching to find out more about the Animal Farm and its members, Gen.Erik, Serge Severe, Hanif Wondir, Fury, and DJ Wels.

After forming as a four-man group in 2006, Animal Farm played countless shows throughout the West Coast and quickly built a dedicated fan base. They became well-known for their high energy and unpredictable, outlandish live shows, which often included mic stand fights and on-stage break ups.

In 2008, Animal Farm released The Unknown featuring the legendary KRS-One and peaked at #3 on the CMJ College Radio Hip-Hop Charts. Shortly after, Animal Farm added two of the Northwest finest MCs, Serge Severe and Mic Crenshaw, at the suggestion of a larger record label. Although Crenshaw and original member Kwils left the group before Culture Shock’s release, the group maintained two songs containing all six of the MCs. Animal Farm is now offering one of the songs, “Down to Business”, as a free download, which you can get here:

Bonus: Listen to Animal Farm’s very entertaining interview with King Jerm at Nappy Afro here

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