Apathy f/Celph Titled "Stop What Ya Doin' (produced by DJ Premier)‏ Music Video 

Apathy quote: "When I started to make “Honkey Kong” I knew I wanted to make a hardcore, classic hip-hop album. I grew up listening to Gang Starr, Wu-Tang, EPMD... and so on. So when this album started coming together and I started working with dudes who I grew up studying and idolizing; like Preem, Muggs, Beatminerz, Steele, Mad Lion that made all the bullshit of the industry worth it to me. Working with DJ Premier, is personally the most important point in my career. He’s my favorite producer of all time--hands down. Everyone who contributed to Honkey Kong killed it and definitely brought their "A" game.”

DJ Premier quote: "Apathy is the FIRST artist that I allowed to mix down a record that I produced... EVER!!! Shouts to my engineer Eddie Sancho who influenced him."

Apathy and Celph Titled crash a child's birthday party and proceed to liven up the festivities and then take it to the water and give you a Demigodz version of "Step Brothers" ("boats and hoes"). Meanwhile, DJ Premier keeps it classy!

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