Arablak - 'The Deed' Official Video 

Arablak is a firm believer in the ideal that music should sound good before anything else is considered. Also a co-founder of Social Light Sounds, ‘Bliggs’ is determined to stamp the timeline of musical history with his stylish contribution.

Rhyming since the 1992, recording since 1998, and producing since 2002, Arablak has become a seriously high caliber artist. Formerly known as ‘Alchemist’ among the hip-hop community of central Massachusetts, his clever rhyme patterns, dynamic presence and stylish delivery gained him acclaimed status as one of the area’s finest.

Being a key member of various local Massachusetts crews, experience has taught him that standing out is the primary ingredient when leaving an impression geared towards one goal: making great hip-hop music for the masses to enjoy.

Available on Bandcamp

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