"At Nightfall" Debut by Ugly Tony ft Tame One, IDE, King Magnetic, Alucard, Respect The God,Pumpkinhead, Copywrite, Termanology and more 

Ugly Tony's new debut album "At Nightfall" features Tame One, IDE, King Magnetic, Alucard, Respect The God, I Am Many, Pumpkinhead, Copywrite, Termanology and many more. Ugly Tony is a Hip-hop producer/beat-maker born in the mid 1980′s. His introduction to the Hip-hop culture came at a time most consider the "Golden Era.” In 2007, Ugly Tony decided to create an album, "At Nightfall,” which he would entirely produce. To find the artist for the album was the other task. However, social networks made this mission less overwhelming. The internet allowed Tony to interact and gather support from various MCs: Copywrite, The AbSoulJah, Don K. Sen, DJ Nix’On, Robust, Termanology, Respect Tha God, IDE, Alucard, King Magnetic, Tame One amongst many more. The arrival of 2011 brought Ugly Tony to the preparation of a release for his first album. All the hard work will finally pay off, but he knows that this is only the beginning.

At nightfall also available on itunes and amazon


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