AWKWORD - Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song) ft. Y-Love (prod. The White Shadow) Presents: THE NEW WORKERS ANTHEM (Praised by Peter Rothberg of Y-Love & AWKWORD "Mr. President (The Wisconsin Song)" (prod. The White Shadow) [off RockTheDub's 5th Anniversary Compilation 'FiF']
We come from the era of Public Enemy, where the music was a tool that helped the outside world understand what was going on. Also helped those within the scene get a better understanding of the ills that life tried throwing at us. On this leak from the forthcoming rockthedub fifth anniversary compilation, FiF, AWK and Y-Love don't hold back in trying to educate those who might sleep on the ills of the GOP, using the crazy shit with Governor Walker in Wisconsin as a jumping-off point. Crazy to think you could have so much taken from you while trying to provide for your family. Shit like this happens a lot, and with decisions like this going on, these two are right - it's only a matter of time that something like this spreads like wildfire across the country. Open your ears, Obama - don't let this go down!

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