Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is an Organization devoted to 1) Self-Determination of Afrikan People and all Oppressed People worldwide, 2) Self-Determination for Afrikan People, 3) Human Rights, 4) Freedom of Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War, 5) Reparations for the all wrongful acts done to Afrikan People as a whole, and 6) End Sexist Oppression.

We have chapters all over the country and organize all over the world. One project that our organization has been engaged in is the BLACK AUGUST HIP-HOP PROJECT, which is an annual concert to educate and introduce to people to the plight of Political Prisoners, raise funds for them and their families, as well as provide a good concert involving conscious and revolutionary music.

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, along with the OAASS&P office of Georgia State University will be hosting a screening of a documentary made about the BLACK AUGUST HIP-HOP PROJECT. We will also have dialogue and discussion in regards to Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War, Black August, and Hip-Hop's ability to create a new Social Movement. We look forward to seeing you there.

Free the Land!!!

Facebook Event for more info

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