Black Sunday - Death Merchants (ft. Virtuoso) Download 

Jamaica, New York- May 3, 2011- With the decline of real Hip Hop music DJ Bless (CEO and founder of Never So Deep Records) and his crew begin to revamp the hip hop market with the release of the independent labels 15th Album "Black Sunday- Mask of The Demon" "This is my 15th album produced for Never So Deep Records and I consider it to be my best work. The production, mixing and mastering are of major label quality. I put a lot of creative energy into the planning of this record," states DJ Bless, Executive Producer and Producer of the "Black Sunday- Mask of The Demon" project. 

"Black Sunday- Mask of The Demon" is a collaborative effort of Never So Deep Records newly
formed group "Black Sunday" which includes heavy hitters such as "Donnie Darko," "Skolla"
and Ghetto Metal King "Sutter Kain." The 13 track album also has guest features from Virtuoso,
Jakk Frost, NBS, Claas, and McNasty. Other features to be announced.

Black Sunday The Group 

The Hip Hop collective "Black Sunday" is the brainchild of DJ Bless. "I wanted to put together a group that could compete and deliver a brand of Hip Hop that’s missing on the market today.
We are putting out music that our fans want. People who follow my company believe Never So Deep Records can take it to any label in the country and that's a fact," says DJ Bless. Leadoff Single "Death Merchants" and video out now! Album "Black Sunday- Mask of The Demon" in stores June 25, 2011


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