Brand new INDELIBLE debut album "Our Present Future" is now available 

A brand new sound known as INDELIBLE is emerging out of the mirky swamp known as hip hop, bent on pulling it's listeners into a new dimension where boundaries don't exist and lines are blurred to obscurity. Indelible is the newest creation of performer/producer brothers illucid and JT420 from Vancouver, Canada.

"Our Present Future is a snapshot in time for Indelible,” asserts J Thorn. "It’s about self-fulfillment and positivity through life’s dramas.” illucid notes lucidly. This is the kind of music you want to pop in your car and listen to on a road trip. We want our music to reach everyone and relate to everyone in the world in some way. Indelible is real, confident, no-gimmicks, laid back and hype at the same time and Our Present Future leaves you wanting more.” INDELIBLE

Brand new INDELIBLE debut album "Our Present Future" is available now on itunes

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