Calligraphist - Feel It In The Air (Official Video) 

Calligraphist's new video to the track Feel It In The Air made by Vasil Daskalov. This song was created in memory of Heavy D (1967-2011) RIP who is the author of this classic instrumental 

Calligraphist formerly known as Wordsmith is a young prospering underground hip-hop artist, described by some as a wonder kid, being given the gift of top notch lyricism. He is mostly recognizable for the usage of metaphors, similes, comparisons and his uttermost grotesque violent punchlines, considered by many as some of the best in rap history. Having started rapping at the age of 8, Calligraphist has managed to study and truly embrace the culture of hip-hop, understanding and appreciating its roots, founding fathers and customs. In the course of his path, he has collaborated with worldwide known emcees across the globe including acknowledged hip-hop legends & true heads. At the very beginning Calligraphist's notable delivery and impudent attitude expressed through his lyrics were occasionally compared to some of the best lyricists in the genre. He often manages to find the intersection between brutality and comedy, constantly switching to a point of view which is right and wrong at the same time. Calligraphist's rap presence, could be described as – harsh, intense, intolerant, street smart and provocative. As a lyricist and man of honor, he has rejected numerous record deal offers, opening acts, radio & TV exposure, because of his oath to remain loyal to penmanship no matter what. Calligraphist's influences include artists such as: Chino XL, Celph Titled, K-Rino, Ill Bill, Crooked I and many others.

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