Canibus "RTJ2"‏ (Video + Download) 

New Audio & Video: Canibus “RTJ2”

Regarded as one of the finest lyricists in all of Hip-Hop with a career spanning over 2 million records sold, Canibus is now prepping his newest release Rip the Jacker 2. As the first lyricist to bring the world 100 bars followed by the fanfare known as the 1,000 bars of infinity “Poet Laureate”, Canibus’ newest release Rip the Jacker 2 provides fans with the unprecedented feat of 10,000 bars featured as a Double Disc DVD bundle pack available exclusively at

Included is a portion of the 10,000 bars you will find on Canibus’new track from Rip The Jacker 2 Double Disc DVD and a new video as well.


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